Sylvia Nguyen Dang
Sylvia Nguyen Dang | Interaction Designer & Strategist


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  • Guideline, Inc.

  • Daylight Design

  • In Place

  • Uber Technologies

  • City CarShare

  • PTG Linen Service

  • JP Morgan Chase Bank 

  • Harrison Hotel

I specialize in building relationships and big ideas, and I move fast to execute and implement. No problem is too big or too small. I’m your all-purpose Swiss Army Knife that will help you dream big, discover opportunities, and design meaningful, end-to-end solutions.

I’m a versatile designer/strategist with 8+ years of business development and marketing experience in fast-paced tech startups, government, and nonprofit industries. I previously worked at Uber, City CarShare, CalEPA, and consulted for small businesses.

When I’m not thinking about design, you’ll find me messing around the kitchen blowtorching steaks, illustrating short stories, or spying on puppies at Duboce Park.

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